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Joy Preparatory Academy is a one-to-one school. Technology and computers play an increasingly vital role in today's world and having one computer in the school for every student will allow JPA scholars to take advantage of new learning opportunities and online educational resources. 

In addition to equipping each classroom with one-to-one Chromebooks, each classroom is equipped with ActivPanel interactive displays. These interactive displays allow an immersive hands-on experience leading to increased student engagement. 

For the new school year, JPA will roll out a digital library accessible from our in-school tablets and Chromebooks. Students will also have the ability to browse our physical library from the Libib app on mobile devices or by accessing our school library website.

​Here at JPA technology is integrated in all classrooms and subjects.  In our STEAM lab all grade levels develop their technological skills and demonstrate their knowledge applying technology in the fields of science, engineering, art, and math.

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